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"You have spent a lifetime creating wonderful feelings and responses. 
You own them. You can use them at any time in any place."

We Repeat!  Quote: "Overall results provide empirical evidence of their effectiveness in that they show statistically significant changes in 100% Of   subjects tested for pre and post measures. In addition, the second post measure (which was obtained  one month after the seminar) suggests that these changes are enduring ... As a point of interest, ... the "p.<.001" reference which appears in all of the results means that there is only a one in one thousand chance of the results being in error due to mere chance.  It is a very good number to have, statistically speaking." :-) Submitted by Sherry Gervais, GSR Technician, B.A. (Honours Psychology, Laurentian University
ull Study)


"The speed at which unwanted habits or behavior can be eliminated is unbelievable!"
I attended the (San Diego) fall seminar and found Linda to be exceptionally talented and qualified. It is so nice to get rid of the barriers to our happiness and success... 
this is

Dr. William E. Lund, San Diego, California

"The results are fast and getting them is surprisingly easy!"

    Our clinically and scientifically proven set of easily learned skills can quickly eliminate many of your inner difficulties and any negative responses that spring from outside situations. You will make your own changes quickly, with very little fuss and drama. Those problems will soon be  completely forgotten and you can create all new ones (if you want to). The only qualification is that you be a basically healthy human being 
(not too psychotic or schizophrenic).

Current Column: Basic Biology at Work in Emotions.
by Linda Tracy Jones

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 are not affirmations, visualizations, hypnosis or "positive-thinking". 


Our Techniques are:

A set of quick, effective and below the threshold of consciousness tools. For some important information about how this works, please click here.       

What You Get:

You can quickly get rid of old, subconscious instructions that are causing anxiety, fear or any kind of upset, then immediately issue new instructions that you have  designed for yourself to meet your current needs.  Highly useful in business and in your personal life.



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Limitless Personal Improvement
You will free up some space in your brain to create 
new (better) life experiences

Training and Products:
  • With this knowledge, you can successfully deal with most difficulties by quickly neutralizing energy draining reactions to internal or external stimuli and energy blocks like fear and procrastination. Once the unwanted reaction has been destroyed, you can "install" whatever resourceful  "state of mind" you choose to put in its place.




Visit Amazon.com, see our book and music reviews, then order whatever you want!



Visit Amazon.com, see our book and music reviews, then order whatever you want!




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