Society for Respectful Cultural Evolution

Our Society for Respectful Cultural Evolution has almost created itself. The process has made a huge change in our corporate mission statement and our organizational outcomes.

Almost exactly one year ago, we had trained enough Social Workers and Counselors to create rather a loud "buzz". People had begun talking about the amazing results we were getting in workshops, seminars and with individual clients. Some community leaders, who were also graduates of the 4 day certification training, asked Linda what she could do with racists. Linda, who is trained to go directly to the core of an issue and SIMPLIFY, said that it was not so complicated to erase racist responses, since they, like any other negative or unwanted response, were also learned (protective) stimulus/responses. She said that along with minimal education about the sources of these responses, the problem could and would be defused in anyone who agreed to participate in the use of NLT.

A leading Chiropractor,  Dr. Michel Brosseau, thought the idea of using MAXAP training for changing racist responses was a good one, so he took action. Dr. Brosseau formed an ad hoc committee that applied to the Ministry of Canadian Heritage for primary funding, which was granted. A demonstration workshop was designed for the community leaders whose comments you see below. This pioneer group observed each other with amazement as their specific fears and prejudices were eliminated. Each participant had multiple opportunities for making his or her own changes.

Our project got further support and assistance from the most wonderful and unexpected quarters! Among them, Dr Michael Persinger, who is well known throughout the scientific community and the world as a no-nonsense, consummate researcher. He is a Professor of Psychology and head of the Neuroscience Research Group at Laurentian University; well respected and at the very top of his field. Dr. Persinger was approached carefully. He is also reputed to have a very low tolerance for people who are willing to waste his time. He has published more than 100 technical articles in the areas of psychobiology, parapsychology, brain functions, and environmental health and authored or co-authored six books. His major research emphasis is concerned with the clinical and experimental correlates of stimulation within the temporal lobes of the mammalian brain ... clearly, the best man in this field.

Dr. Persinger made it clear that in the scientific model, our kind of work could not be fully proven objectively, though clinically we would no doubt be provided with some evidence. Then he told us what we would need to provide at least some measure of objective evidence about the changes which would take place in each participant’s responses as a result of applying Neuro-Linguistic Techniques. He loaned us one of his Galvanic Skin Response machines. We were already extremely grateful for his interest and assistance, so  we were absolutely blown away when he gave of his time even further and actually mentored one of his best students through the project, the testing and the number crunching. Truly, another amazing gift to our project.

As you can see from the comments, the demo workshop was an overwhelming success. The concept of making a contribution of this magnitude, actually erasing racism, even beginning with just one person at a time, is almost overwhelming. The idea and prospect of actually getting funding and making this dream a reality is spectacular!

Two Day Demonstration Workshop Project

Elimination of Racist Responses

Participant Feedback

Due to the sensitivity of the following, we have changed all names and  deleted specific employer identification.

Sheila, Social Worker, Native Division

How well did facilitator meet your needs?

  • Felt facilitator knows her stuff. Professional and unobtrusive. 5/10/98

Describe the personal results you have achieved:

  • The feeling of not being scared by (people) who are portrayed as dangerous to people with my ethnic background. 5/10/98

  • Learned that I don’t have to actually "be" with people to be able to respect them or love them or forgive them. 5/9/98

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