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Before being introduced to NLP, Linda did her undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in psychology and creative writing, after which she dove into the exciting and high-powered advertising business in Manhattan. It turned out to be the perfect place for Linda to learn more about the "human condition" and to enhance her *people skills* later used in  managing the family business'.

After the sale of the family business', Linda moved into private practice and teaching, which led to  her collaborative work with prominent doctors of chiropractic, which led her to  Dr. John Grinder, co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Dr. Grinder, to whom she will always be grateful, collaborated with her in the original design of our four day NLT certification seminar for Chiropractors.

From there, Linda was able to further develop her own original NLT technology in collaboration with inspired doctors who developed several techniques that have proven  successful in the treatment of far ranging neurological conditions, from learning disabilities to environmental illness. During this period of clinical research,  which allowed Linda to work throughout the US, Canada and Europe, she gained exceptional insights into the delicate balancing and maintenance of the physical and emotional systems working together.  Her reputation for effective, respectful work and unqualified results became known and led to her being featured in the Who's Who of American Seminar Leaders.

While Linda was teaching her seminars at Laurentian University, she began developing projects in the neutralization and elimination of racist feelings and responses for The Department of Canadian Heritage. These unprecedented  projects got the attention of Dr Michael Persinger,  head of the Neuroscience Research Group at Laurentian University and world renowned researcher and respected author. Dr Persinger offered his GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) machines and his most gifted students to apply the GSR tests right before the workshops, immediately after, then one month later. Participant's results from the neutralization techniques we applied during the demonstration workshops were confirmed physically as well as experientially. We have finally proven our results scientifically! The changes that were made to eliminate racist responses and fears actually happened, and they are permanent!

The Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Research and Maximum Achievement Programs, Inc.  have  close affiliations in Park City  (previously our summer headquarters) and Salt Lake City in Utah. The corporate base is currently in Phoenix,  Arizona (moved from New York) and our retreat is now on Lake Panage in Ontario. The NLT Association for certified practitioners meets in Sudbury on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Linda currently sits on the board of directors for the prestigious "NLP International Association". NLPIA is the leading international group in our field, the purpose of which is to  provide an organization for postgraduate students of NLP and other communication techniques, beginning in Germany, the USA and Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, Bali and India.

Linda has been successfully delivering her seminars for more than 20 years. Over 1,000 individuals and 250 corporate, educational, counseling and health organizations have received this life-transforming training.  The original design developed with Dr. Grinder, with a great deal of evolution, remains the basis of our workshops, seminars, government projects, writings, tapes and videos. With the basic manual completed and finally available in French (translated by Laurentian University), "I view my *body of work* as complete and I am thoroughly enjoying slowing down from  the perpetual intensity of living in New York and Park City, while developing and delivering NLT (throughout North America and Europe).  My freedom from the pressures of extensive travel (traveling used too be a lot more fun and much easier than it is today) is also very much appreciated. Living here in the *boonies* I love listening to the same sounds of the loons and the weather, day in and day out. I have found the perfect corner from which to enjoy semi-retirement, on the shores of Kusk Lake in Northern Ontario. From here I can work with  talented local professionals, meet with members of the NLT Association, see the occasional specially referred client, do some phone consultation, some programs with the University,  and generally just stay as connected in my field as I want to be, via computer. Once or twice a week I go into the *big city* (no such thing as rush hour) to get supplies and for my essential visit with one of the best Chiropractors in the world."

Linda still *emerges* to deliver the occasional seminar in the states, out west, Europe or where ever.


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