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SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES! In under 36 minutes, Shirley completely frees herself from the painful emotional trauma of having found her mother murdered! That picture of her mother lying dead on the floor no longer takes her over without warning. She no longer feels unhealthy, unreasonable, debilitating guilt for her mother's death. The painful memory can still be recalled at will (if needed) without the paralyzing torment she used to feel every moment of every day of her life. She's left only with the feelings of love for her mother and memories of the good times. Now Shirley is completely free from the useless fear and anger that had taken over her life. Instruction book included. You can learn to make this change for ANY painful or destructive emotional memory. Help yourself, your family, your friends, your clients.

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MEDITATION IS EASY: This simplified technique takes you to Delta, the place of the Masters, the deep relaxation that heals the emotional and physical symptoms of stress (and a lot of other things). Scientifically proven REPEATEDLY. Don't think meditation is too hard or too complicated. As with all MAXAP programs, this one is condensed to the core. SELF HYPNOSIS: Easy to use for immediate self-trance induction. Use  this technique to enter the Beta level of consciousness  where you can communicate directly with your own subconscious to understand your own patterns and change the ones you want to change.  You might go all the way down to delta with this one too, although it's meant to be more active than the easy path to deep level meditation




USING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY: Learn how to "take a picture" of whatever you want to remember, then how to enter into your own "brain files" and get the picture back out. Extremely successful for helping children with Down Syndrome learn how to spell. FOOD FOR YOUR MOOD: Simple food choices and how each one affects your immediate emotional and physical state. Change how you feel with a mouthful.Change your body, change your mind.



E- Report: FOOD FOR YOUR MOOD--$5.95

THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF WORDS part 1: See how the way you use words sets up the framework from which you are thinking and acting. This affects every choice and every small move you make in your daily life. Many a pebble will be cast into your pond (to borrow a metaphor). Know exactly what you are creating in your communications. Be able to foresee the probable outcomes and consequences. THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF WORDS part 2: Even more powerful words, phrases and linguistic principles that run your life without your conscious knowledge. Bring your individual subconscious patterns up to conscious level so that you gain full conscious control over the choices you are making.

E- Report: THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF WORDS part 1 --$9.95


E- Report: THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF WORDS part 2 --$9.95

Finally, Completely and Permanently Forgive Anyone
(even yourself) in 3 Minutes or Less.

Any professional health practitioner or clergyperson will tell you that people have to forgive Ö get rid of the baggage Ö in order to fully enjoy their own lives and their relationships. The only problem is ... they donít tell you how to do it!  

With this e-report
you will gain the ability to instantly forgive.
It will change your life.
You don't have to sit in a cave on top of a mountain, or spend years in therapy to get this secret ... an easy path to "enlightenment" ... just drop the baggage.

 Very low-cost for this incredibly powerful knowledge - just $19.95


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30 INSTANT CHILL PILLS: It has been confirmed: we produce our own toxins in our own bodies with ANGER and HOSTILITY,  leading to and propagating chronic and acute illness. Now you can get 30 (easy) immediate change techniques to get out of your upsets instantly. Presented clearly and simply, according to your own powerful sensory system preferences.   Free yourself from poison-producing, debilitating anger and frustration. These easy to use, instant change tools work for all of your personal and business upset "buttons", old and new, predictable or unexpected.

                              By Linda Tracy Jones, developer of  MAXAP Programs.


QUICK DELETE TECHNIQUE (QDT): Minor or major emotional upsets from the past can make you miserable when the subconscious keeps throwing them back at you ... to view and review ... again and again and again ... complete with the full-blown feelings that were there the first time we endured the event! Sometimes the bad feelings of anger or fear increase as we continue to re-play the memories (or "shoulda, coulda, woulda scenes) for ourselves! Your subconscious, in it's wisdom, thinks it has to keep reminding you how terrible your experience was (or keep playing the S/W/Cs)  to absolutely insure that you don't EVER do THAT again! After all, it REALLY FELT BAD!

You will be amazed at how this little book full of information can teach you to erase those flashbacks ... in just a couple of minutes! If you or someone you love (even if you just like them) has this kind of occasional or frequent "interference" from the subconscious, you've got the answer right here. You can change it today or keep it for a few more years. Choose! ~:)

By Linda Tracy Jones, developer of MAXAP Programs

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Does someone you know deserve flowers?


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