All you have to do is  Read the following quotes to understand how useful our Training can be:

"The speed at which unwanted habits or behavior can be eliminated is unbelievable
I attended the (San Diego) fall seminar and found Linda to be exceptionally talented and qualified. It is so nice to get rid of the barriers to our happiness and success...
this is DYNAMIC work!"

Dr. William E. Lund, San Diego, California

"NLT has given me COMPLETE FREEDOM from arachnid-phobia (fear of spiders). This was a SEVERE, debilitating terror that prevented me from feeling safe...ANYWHERE!  No more EMBARRASSING, teary outbursts, hyperventilation or palpitations. Thank you Linda! Thank you NLT!"

Patty Smith, Social Worker, Sudbury, Ontario

"Energizing! Powerful! Useful! Kind of like magic! We are both using it a lot and amazed at how well it works!...The excellent results of using NLT with clients are becoming apparent to all & many are asking about getting the same training!"

Sylvie Gervais-Leduc / Linda Dugas, Social Workers, Sudbury, Ontario

"NLT is finally something to help us with these (emergency) circumstances and situations. The horror of tragedies and disasters can be eliminated or neutralized with NLT. Officers do have real fears. Through NLT, reasonable fears can be lessened or even "re-routed" so that an officer can maintain a sense of personal safety yet not have the overwhelming, terrifying or immobilizing effect, which is not at all useful in the course of duty. I’d like to see NLT be used to change officers’ fears so they become useful instead of debilitating."

   Sargent Loretta Ronchin, Sudbury Regional Police

"Neuro-Linguistics, as taught by Linda Tracy Jones, is THE most effective technique for changing behaviors which are unwanted or no longer useful.

Those familiar with emotional work [in chiropractic] know that emotional erases are a powerful method with which you can unlock a "subluxated" emotional complex. NL not only relieves this "subluxation" but also guides the patient into a more ecological frame of mind.

From the five minute "phobia cure" through to the [deep-set] "internal negotiation" these specific adjustments in NL allow the practitioner to make deep permanent changes that have a major impact on a patient's well-being."

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Dr. Michel Brosseau, Chiropractor, Sudbury, Ontario

"People try to interest me in taking their workshops every day … I ALWAYS SAY NO! I was as shocked as everyone else to find myself in Linda Tracy Jones’ seminar! About 2 hours into the session I understood why … RESULTS! AMAZING, INSTANT RESULTS ... Not only instant results, but respectful of the privacy and value system of the individual."

                        Teresa M. Flenniken, MA, Book Store Owner, Salt Lake City, UT

"I woke up this morning and found myself wondering, 'was that all a dream? Did that seminar really happen? WOW! ... I feel great!" I feel so pumped up ... Think NLT will help my clients get what they need or want quicker, and move on. ... And you know, just as I had asked for in my well-formed outcome, I REALLY DO feel competent, confident and focused!  I can't believe it!!!'

Joanne Young, Social Worker,  Sudbury, Ontario

"…"I’m beautiful! said the mirror."…"Learning through laughter!!" The "hands-on" experience was excellent! I entered the seminar with some fear of what I’d be able to assimilate, but have a GREAT FEELING now!"

Dr. Marie-Luce Garceau, Professor of SW, Laurentian University

"...The seminar met my expectations and far surpassed them. I had expected to have this experience be something I could use for patients, never thinking that there would be usefulness for ME. This was one of the best week-ends I've ever experienced."

Dr.Judith L. Hatch, DCh Atlanta, Georgia

" I have felt a new inner strength and capability in dealing with negative thoughts and feelings (Since the workshops on Neuro-Linguistics). The methods are simple and fast. I was amazed at the results of these interventions!"

Patricia Eyden, Counselor, Sudbury, Ontario

"One of the (my) outcomes at the seminar was to do away with self-doubt, fear, anxiety and repression as experienced when involved in private and public creative expression. My intended desire was a shift toward joy and accuracy when performing musically. The day following the seminar I performed 3 hours at a Christmas Church Tea.  My performance was INSPIRING UPLIFTING and ACCURATE! I was feeling 100% content! Unlike ANY other time in (my) past! I experienced no self-sabotaging feelings and no fumbling at the keys. Many people came to me to express their pleasure and appreciation of my performance. It was Neat! Awesome!" 

Joanne Rhude, Masters Candidate, School of Social Work, Laurentian University, Sudbury,

"... The beauty is in the simplicity. (the NLT Basic Certification seminars) went beyond what I had expected, and in much less time! I found that I totally experienced the power of these techniques and that I don't need to make it confusing or difficult. I came to find out how this could possibly be taught in four days, and now I know!...The material is presented in a clear, concise manner that is easy to understand. "

Cathie Grainger, Sylva Method Instructor & NLP Practitioner, London, Ontario

"Ms. Jones' counseling is by far the most complete work in Neuro-Linguistics that I have experienced. While I have worked with several other people to initiate change in my life, I go back to Linda to correct or explain the other therapies. Ms. Jones' ability to calibrate learning style and translate it into language that is comprehensible is one of the things  I find most valuable"

Lynn Porter, Entrepreneur, Portland, Oregon

"As a Social Worker & therapist myself, I would without reservation recommend this training to anyone... The material was presented clearly & the small group offered a great deal of time to practice the skills so they could become quickly integrated. Linda clearly has mastery of the material. Beyond that she has a deep regard for individual beliefs."

Linda R. Vrabel, Social Worker, Salt Lake City, Utah

"The specific techniques used ... were not only effective but freedom was given! It's actually enlightening to see a theory put into practice - and with such immediate and lasting results! "

Anne Leduc, Social Worker, Sudbury, Ontario

"I feel relieved from extra emotional baggage of my past…freedom to flap my wings with ease. My mind is clear. I feel free!"

Denise Gauthier-Frohlick, Counselor, Sudbury & Soo, ON

Dear Linda, "I'm writing to express my appreciation for the changes you guided me through last August [In the NLT seminar].

I had lived my life with a gnawing emptiness grinding away inside of me for many years, shattering my sense of security and belonging. No other therapies brought relief. You were there with your skills and integrity to gently guide me to shift the burdens of a traumatic childhood and youth that had invaded all areas of my life.

The last work you did with me was the most powerful releasing experience of my life and it continues to reward me with a sense of self-acceptance, expansiveness, personal power, flexibility, aliveness, appreciation. The healing continues. The bondage from the traumas is gone. This new freedom is integrating into all parts of my life. My perceptions continue to change and I feel a newness about myself. I'm no longer willing to settle for less than I can be.

I'm so very glad I found you.

My Fondest Regards,

Alice Ballard

"In addition to tools and theoretical understanding (which is important to my rational self) the results were so immediate, yet obviously not contrived, I could not believe the effectiveness. This, too, is important for me. Personal results include some thing(s) I know are there and I can readily find and use. Really, quite amazing and hopeful."

Alice Ballard, Artist, Park City, UT

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